Ford Mini Stock ? Mod Mini for sale

I have a Ford Mustang Mini Stock for sale. Chassis is 1989 and been lightened up a lot. Body is a glass body 93 to 2000 body style. Has 2300 race engine. Head was just redone and I bolted it on and that’s as far as I got with it. Crower rods, Wiseco pistons head and block have both been shaved. have all the parts to get it running but don’t have the time or money to spend on it. Will let the car alone go for $2500. I also have a lot of spare parts. Spare short block, spare transmissions, fuel cell, glass or composite T-Bird body (can’t remember), 9" rear for a fox body plus several gearsets, (citrus, orlando, auburndale) all with either a full spool or mini spool. If you need parts we can talk about price. I’ll be pretty cheap on most stuff except the car itself is pretty firm and it’s a steal at that price, I got more than that into the engine, and the 9" rear stuff I got a lot of $ tied up in that and it’s all new only a couple of races on the Citrus stuff so I’m not giving it away. Email is best but if you must call 863-205-2805 and leave a message. Thanks Steve.


hey send me pics of the car please

Sent them!!!

Using a car pic as my signature for anyone interested.