heres an idea

now that we are not going to get hit by the storm, instead if b–chin about the races geting canceled e happy that you dont have to worry about the rood getting blown off your house

I agree with you! Hey, theyre sill racing in Bristol!

I’ve already seen two races from Bristol yesterday, and am hoping for two more, plus the Little League World Series is on ESPN and has had some great games. Good racing, LL baseball, and I don’t have to leave the house. Just remember to keep the people in harms way of Irene in your prayers. Life is good. billy

Can you believe the Statue of Liberty is in the path of a Category 2 (possibly 3) Hurricane!!!

Better a hurricaine than a hijaked airplane. I agree with the earlier comment about little league. I find comforting to see the Clinton county team is drawing larger crowds than many of the major league teams. They have had more than 100’000 for their first 4 games and play again tonight at 8:00 on ESPN 2.

“E happy”? Isn’t that a song?

Even if Irene was to hit us my house doesn’t have a rood. One less thing to worry about… I guess?

I have been able to catch a few games. I found it more enjoyable to watch an hour of the Mexico, Venezuela game then 30 seconds of a MLB game. I dunno, maybe its the over paid prima donna persona of the MLB players.

Yup thats it. Some of those pitchers get 10,000 or more per pitch!!

Love of the sport is nice to see instead of love of the money.Like Tom T Halls song with the words “I love losers when they cry I love winners when they cry” Every father should cherish the feeling they had when thei son won his first important feature. PRICELESS

AMEN…just to watch them race at all is a feeling most father will never feel

Hope she has a rain coat!:ernaehrung004: