ASCS At 36 Raceway-Jack Dover Winner-Complete Show-Video

The ASCS Midwest and Warrior region sprints flew into U. S. 36 Raceway Saturday night and literally tried to tear the fence down on the West end of the raceway. Every rollover and accident took place on that end of the track. A hole in the track entering turn #1 made the race cars go either real low or right up against the cushion. When they hit the hole it would throw them over the cushion into the guard rail and the catch fence.

From his front row starting position Jack Dover lead green to checkered, Danny Lasoski hung around the front of the race until the later part of the race and made his move past the other front runners to give Dover a few looks before Dover put him away and won by several car lengths.

These combo shows with Midwest and Warrior regions combined are a good racing experience for the money. If you could not make the trip the Cheese Works as laid down the whole show, heats, b-main, and the a-main for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.