Bronson speedway has brought back figure 8's

I’m pleased to say that bronson has added figure 8’s to their line up for 3 dates this year.


the races are going to be 20 laps with a pill draw for starting position they will restart double file til half way.

sept. 3rd track phone#352-486-4998
oct. 1st
oct. 22nd They still are in the process of building
the website!

  1. 350
  2. 230
  3. 160
  4. 110
  5. 100
  6. 80
  7. 70
  8. 60
  9. 50
  10. 50
  11. 40
  12. 40
  13. 40
    16-20 25.00


these are based off of streetstock rules but we also encourage pure stocks & thunderstocks to join us!!!

Bronson Speedway 2011 “CRAZY 8’s” RULES


  1. Any 1965 or newer American made car with a minimum factory wheel base of 101"

as factory listed for year, make, and model. 1" tolerance.

  1. No trucks, station wagons, convertibles, or front wheel drives.

Car Weight:

  1. Minimum weight for leaf spring cars is 3200 lbs. After race-with driver.

  2. Minimum weight for coil spring cars is 3100 lbs. After race-with driver.

  3. All lead or ballast must be painted white with the car number on it and attached with

(2)-1/2" bolts per 50 lbs.


  1. Stock
    appearing steel body only constructed with a minimum of 20 gauge steel.

  2. Must retain stock roof with stock “A” and “B” post.

  3. Must retain stock firewall and floor pans.

  4. May remove floor pan and firewall from behind driver’s seat but must be enclosed

with 22 gauge steel.

  1. All holes in driver’s compartment must be sealed.

  2. Body mounts may be removed.

  3. All cars must have clear lexan windshield with 4" white numbers and class

identification in the top right corner.

  1. Maximum 6" spoiler height. Must not be wider than the width of the car.

  2. Hood, roof, and trunk may be gutted.

  3. Hood must have three (3) hood pins in the front and two (2) hood pins in the rear.

  4. Rear deck lid must have a minimum of 2 pins or 2 hinges.

  5. Rub rails permitted on both sides of car. The top of the rub rail may be no higher

than the top of the tires, and no lower than hub center height. Rub rails may be made of

tubing maximum 1 ?" Outside Diameter, and may not extend more than 2" beyond

outside of tire.

  1. Maximum 4" height hood scoop or factory cowl hood permitted.

  2. Bumpers may be replaced with tubing. Aftermarket bumper covers permitted.

Chassis and Suspension:

  1. Must be stock for year, make and model.

  2. All suspension mounting points must remain in stock location.

  3. Front upper “A” frame bolts may be changed to any length.

  4. Tubular stock replacement upper control arms permitted. No aluminum cross shafts.

  5. Any spring allowed but must remain in stock location.

  6. Front spacer cups permitted.

  7. Leaf spring cars may use lowering blocks.

  8. Coil spring cars may use adjustable buckets or weight jackers in rear.

  9. Uni-bodies may be tied together from the back of the front stub to the rear stub only.

  10. Frames may be fabricated back to original factory specs-if damaged. Must be

approved by tech. Rear frame rails may be replaced with square tubing from center of

rear end back.

  1. No Composite leaf springs.

  2. Steel bodied shocks only.

  3. Minimum 5" ride height for frame and body-at all times.

  4. Control arm bushings may be replaced with polyurethane & steel.

  5. Coil spring cars may run adjustable rear upper trailing arms. Rear lower control arms

may be boxed.


  1. Any overhead valve V-8 American manufactured production engine permitted.

  2. Stock stroke and stock bore (+0.60 max.)

  3. Minimum crankshaft weight = 48 lbs.

  4. Engine must be in stock location, with solid type motor mounts utilizing stock holes

in both block and frame. Engine must be centered in chassis and may not be lowered in

chassis, tilted, or moved toward firewall.

  1. Engine must be of same manufacture as car used. GM in GM, Ford in Ford, Mopar in


  1. No porting, polishing, or alterations of any kind permitted.

  2. Chevy engines must have a maximum stroke of 3.480 and a maximum bore of 4.060.

  3. Maximum displacement of 360 cubic inches (+.030 overbore on Mopar) on all


  1. Stock intake manifold or Edelbrock Performer PN# 2101 for Chevy (or Mopar, Ford

equivalent) *Check with tech inspector for part # of intake manifold for different

manufactured engines*

  1. Factory stock 2 or 4 barrel carburetor, or unaltered Holley 2 barrel (part #4412) only.

  2. Mechanical throttle linkage with toe strap and double throttle return springs required.

  3. Stock production cast iron heads (no bow tie or vortec heads), or the following:

World Products:

#4266 and #4267, Engine Quest: CH 350C, CC 170BA, CC 170 BA2,

CC 167 CS2, CC 167 CS, CC 167 ES2, CC 167 ES,

Dart: 100-210-70, 100-210-10, 100

-242-66, 100-243-65, 100-263-64, 100-243-70,

Pro topline: 2236494906, and World


#5303B for Fords are allowed (part numbers must be visible).

  1. Stock replacement dish or flat top pistons only.

  2. Any flat tappet or hydraulic roller camshaft allowed.

  3. Stock dimension magnetic flat tappet lifters or hydraulic roller lifters for engine used

mandatory. If hydraulic roller lifters are being used, the valve springs may not exceed

1.300 inches in diameter. Retro-fit hydraulic roller lifters are permitted. No modification

or shimming of hydraulic roller lifters is allowed.

  1. Roller rockers allowed, no shaft style rockers (unless factory issued) or stud girdles.

  2. Stock single point distributor or stock electronic ignition only.


  1. 12 volt battery fired ignition only.

  2. OEM style distributor only. No MSD boxes.

  3. No high performance ignition modules or coils. Stock appearing modules only.

  4. Alternators permitted.

Misc. Engine:

  1. Wet sump oil systems only. Oil pump must mount in factory location. Any oil pan

permitted that fits chassis.

  1. Aftermarket pulleys permitted.

  2. Any valve covers permitted.

  3. Stock style water pump only. No electric water pumps.

  4. Any stock or replacement radiator permitted.

  5. Electric fan permitted.

  6. OEM type fuel pump only.

  7. No vacuum pumps.


  1. OEM Automatic transmissions only with all working gears and working torque


  1. 10" minimum diameter converter.

  2. 3 or 4 speed manual transmission with all working gears permitted.

  3. May use hydraulic clutch and pedal assembly.

  4. No 5 or 6 speed transmissions.

  5. 10" minimum diameter clutch disc and pressure plate.

  6. No multi-disc clutches.

  7. OEM stock steel flywheel = 14 lbs. minimum.

Rear end:

  1. Must be OEM for year, make, and model of car.

  2. Rear may be locked. Steel mini spool permitted

  3. No aluminum spools, or torque sensing differential of any type.


  1. All 4 brakes must work at all times.

  2. Aftermarket pedal and master cylinders permitted.

  3. May remove factory proportioning valve and power booster.

  4. Rear disc brakes permitted.


  1. OEM cast iron manifolds, or down under chassis header with a maximum 3" outlet,

and maximum 1 5/8" primary tube. No step headers.

  1. Exhaust pipes must exit behind the driver. Maximum 3" pipe.

  2. Mufflers required.

Wheels and Tires:

  1. Maximum 8" steel wheels only. Any offset.

  2. Minimum 1/2" studs with 1" lug nuts on all four (4) wheels.

  3. Any treaded street tire.

  4. No recaps, bias ply, or truck tires.

  5. No chemical treatment of tires.


  1. Fuel cell mandatory. Removal of trunk floor for the fuel cell is permitted.

  2. Fuel Cell must be encased in 22 gauge steel can and must have fuel cell protection


  1. No fuel additives.

Race Director reserves the right to add weight restrictions, or adjust rules at anytime, in

the fairness of competition.


  1. Bronson Speedway officials reserve the right to inspect any car at any time. All cars

must have an initial safety inspection prior to competition.

  1. All required safety equipment and apparel must be utilized any time the car is on the

race track:

A) Racing helmet with minimum of Snell 95 rating.

B) Neck collar or Head And Neck System highly recommended.

C) SFI approved Fire Suit. No holes or torn suits will be permitted.

D) Fire resistant racing gloves only. No mechanics gloves allowed.

E) Fire resistant racing shoes.

F) Fire resistant underwear and socks highly recommended.

  1. A minimum 4 point roll cage made of round steel tubing(DOM recommended),

minimum of 1-1/2"outside diameter and minimum .095 inch wall thickness. No

square tubing or galvanized pipe will be permitted. Absolutely NO exceptions. Roll

bar padding required on all bars within reach of driver.

  1. An engine kill switch required which must be accessible by both the driver and from

outside the car. Kill switch must be highlighted with bright orange paint or vinyl, and

be clearly marked “ON - OFF”.

  1. All cars must have a fire extinguisher (minimum 2 pounds) securely fastened within

reach of driver. The mounting must be in such a way that the driver can quickly

remove extinguisher from its mount. Approved for Racing Halon system may be

used in place of extinguisher.

  1. A quick release 5-point racing harness with 3"belts, dated 2005 or newer, required in

all vehicles. All belt installation must be approved by Bronson Speedway safety

officials. Sternum belt allowed. Belts must be utilized any time vehicle is on race

track. Racing harness must be attached to roll cage with minimum 1/2"bolts.

  1. Window nets are required on the driver’s side of the car and must be securely fastened.

Nets must latch at the top and be operational from inside and outside the car.

  1. Aluminum racing seat mandatory.

  2. Drive shaft must be painted white. Drive shaft loops required on both front and rear of

drive shaft. Loops should be made of 1"wide x 1/4"thick steel, and be within 12"of

front and rear universal joint. Must be able to catch drive shaft in event of shaft

failure. No chains will be permitted as loops.

  1. Battery shall be secured to frame of car and must be encased in spill proof container.

  2. Lead ballast only. Must be painted white, marked with car #, and secured to frame of

vehicle with minimum (2) 1/2"bolts. 50 pound maximum per block.

  1. Throttle toe strap and solid throttle linkage with (2) return springs required.

  2. All cars must have front and rear tow hooks. Hooks must be strong enough to

support weight of vehicle when towed.

Track phone#352-486-4998

                                     They still are in the process of building
                                                        the website!

to the top!

looking to build a figure 8 car "I’ll need a driver:

Still haven’t seen/heard any results for the last 2 weeks. How is the car count doing?

Think im going there this week just to see. havent been to a race around here . Hope to see youall there. Its the nearest track to my house now and i want it to make it.
for all my friends hope to see ya there
for all the others come also and yell your heart out just come


The car count has been improving each weekend, the sportsman and pure stock class has averaged about 6-8 cars a week, Hornets and Mods are still struggling for a full field. But there’s been good racing out there, we definetly need more cars in all the classes.

If i wasn’t so far away i would, 600 miles is a long commute to race.:cool008: