Bristol Photos

Just finished putting up 40+ pics from my weekend at Bristol on Facebook, for those that don’t use FB I will put them on Webshots later. Click here for Bristol Album

Sweet pics. Would love to go to bristol one day. I’ve been to Daytona and Talladega and they were sooo boring…

Thanks Rick…

Nice pics. looks like every seat was filled. How long did it take you to get up there? Always want to go but havent made it yet…if im still alive maybe next year. lol

[QUOTE=carolwicks;84909]looks like every seat was filled.
carol[/QUOTE]Compared to past races at Bristol, it was empty. This race usually sells out; heard it wasn’t even close this year. Indy was the same way; the whole front stretch just about was empty.


Great pics Rick!! I want to go too. Went to Martinsville, thats quite an experience too.


I was there Waltrip, section BB row 47 seat 18…looking straight down the backstretch from turn 3…awesome seat!

Though it was not capacity you could see some empty seat but no major areas without fans. More would have fit but it was an impressive crowd compared to the other recent races.

Maybe they will take the hint and drop some of the snooze fests and add some more short track dates.

I had a great time but Bristol is one i will not do often due to the fact it is hard to get in and out of, on foot and by auto.

Camping is the best bet for a show at that track.

The funniest part was the KB fans talking smack all evening until the green flag dropped and he just kinda lingered around 12th place all night LOL.

Nice picks Rick…you weren’t too far from where i was sitting.

Jimmy, not full but for the cup race I would say close to 150,000 of the 160,000 seats were occupied…

Rick, i bet you thought there were enough there when ou left?

Unfortunately NASCAR is not immune to this horrible economy. Remember how they added, added seats to all these tracks a few yrs ago when NASCAR and the economy was wide open? Who would expect them to be filled today. But they’re all pd for, many times over. Actually the crowds are probably more realistic today. I guarantee no NASCAR track is going under, unless they pull a race from someplace to put it at another track. I bet most local tracks across the country would like the same problem.

Great Pics Rick… Congrats on being able to go…

Thanks Duane it was a blast. Benny was right getting in and out of Bristol is a nightmare lucky for us I went with someone who had connection on some close to the track parking(still cost $30).
I was suprised at the attendence of the Nationwide race there were more people than I have seen at other of the same series races on tv. Also I was wondering how much was lost due to the storm raging up the east coast.
Bristol is probably the only NASCAR race I would attend live as it is truly a saturday night bullring type race.

For those that don’t use Facebook here is the link to my Webshots album: Click here for my Webshots album.

Rick, I enjoyed your Bristol pictures. My family goes almost every August to Bristol. We even had hot passes to go infield but a schedule conflict prevented us from going. We love attending this race. You don’t just see this race but feel it! I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed it, I know you did. See you this Saturday night at Desoto.