Law Enforcement, Fire fighters, EMT honored at PGS.

In remembrance of 9-11, this coming Saturday evening September 10, 2011 Punta Gorda Speedway will honor all Emergency Personnel that present their ID with a free admission to the races! This includes all EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement workers. We want to show our thanks to all emergency workers for their service to the community. Kevin Williams, owner, Punta Gorda Speedway.

as for NYC…

it is my fervent prayer that every single law enforcement officer, fire fighter, ems, every public servent in NYC show up at the 9/11 services… carrying their bibles!!!
it isnt the government that were the heroes on 9/11. it was you and i personally salute all of you and screw the governor and his merry men! God bless every single emergency worker in AMERICA!!!


I also hope they Salute the Flag and sing a few courses of GOD BLESS AMERICA. billy

carol wicks

you are right ,god does belong there. got news for them HE ( GOD ) will be there. Dave O’Steen. (ps.) every day is a good day.