Bowyer is a jerk

When Clint came into the Cup series i kinda liked him, he was a ‘dirt guy’, had a humble attitude, plus he drove for Richard Childress. He has become a arrogant pompus ass. Have you ever noticed how nothing is ever his fault. Last year David Reutimann was fighting to make the chase, he was close with a couple of races to go, one bad finish would be devastating. Can’t remember which race,but Bowyer slides up from the lower groove, two lanes and takes David out. After the race he is interviewed and doesn’t even apologize,say he was sorry, or mention the fact that he ruined David’s chase chances.

Last week he slides up in front of Montoya, and is turned into the wall, all he can so is blame Montoya, granted Montoya deserves a lot of the criticism he gets, but Bowyer clearly came across his bow

Last night after the race, he is interviewed about not making the chase. Twice he hit David, the second time,spinning David and ruining his night. He comments on the first incident, but says he didn’t have much room, but then he never even acknowledges the fact that he blatantly took David out the second time putting him in the wall.

I have never heard him say he is sorry for any of his actions, all he does is whine about other drivers.

I’m happy he didn’t make the chase, he isn’t a championship caliber driver, and doesn’t deserve to be in the Chase.

I agree with everything you said.

never really noticed

But you know trash, now that you mention it, I believe you are right. I also think sometimes too much spot light is put on him. Hey he missed the chase. that means he’s one of the first losers. Everyone feels so bad for him, how do they think Reutimann feels? Now take Busch and Johnson…never mind!! LOL