fup points

come on nss if you can’t keep up with the points give them back to Barbra she usually had them updated the next week

I don’t know that NSS is responsible for that. Not sure who IS in charge of it, but I don’t think NSS is in charge of that.

Why don’t they have their own website (i know this is a stupid question)? F.A.S.T. did at least.

They are updated now and I can assure you that I have NOTHING to do with calculating them… I don’t even have a breakdown of how points are awarded.

They are calculated and sent to me… It was an oversight on MY PART At the time I received them I had already updated the Track Points… but they are updated now and I will calculate the stats and add them as well as soon as I am done with them.

As for Dave’s question… I have no idea.

thank you…