97 52' cargo express

i have a 97 cargo express 52’’ enclosed trailer needs a roof work its to big for me need something smaller $3900 obo

52’ cargo

how much does it weigh??? ,do u have any pics of the inside ??

It weighs 8500 lbs I dont have any pics yet ill get some

where is the trailer located at? What type of roof repair does it need? Give me a call .

gary laplant
813 313 8741

how much smaller and what kind of repairs

if the trailer is still for sale please call me 813 313 8741

The seams r leaking n one came apart

where is the trailer located at would like to come look at it.

its in homosassa

call me if your still wanting to sell it 812 313 8741 In order to look at it I need a address not just the city its in.

Gary Laplant

Make offer I found a smaller one