Sept. 17th...TBARA Wing Sprints are back at Desoto!

TBARA Wing Sprints sponsored by Carbone Motorsports, Consolidated Heating & Air Conditiong and REDFOX RUN Racing are back at Desoto Super Speedway this Saturday night Sept. 17th. Also on the racing schedule will be the Outlaw Modified Series, Mod-Minis, Bombers, CM Carbone Motorsports Mini Stocks, Flyin 4s, Magic 4s and Q AIA Pure Stocks.

Gates open at 5pm and racing at 7pm. Adult Admission: $15 and kids 12 and Under FREE.

Be sure to be there for the BEST sprint show in the state!!
See you at the races,
Desoto Super Speedway

see you all there!!

Redraven…could you post the, ‘Schedule of Events’ ??. It would be nice to know when the classes are scheduled to run, and in what order. Thanks

John does the lineups on Saturdays when he gets here. Just give him a call or better yet drop by the office when you arrive and get a copy.
Thank you

[SIZE=“7”]The Best in the South TBARA, I will be there.$15 Ticket!!![/SIZE]

You as track owners should come up with a family deal . Like 4 tix hot dogs and drinks for a set price . Thats steep for a family . Just a suggestion

Sounds good but…

How will they determine if a “family” is a “family”? I’m sure most people are honest but I guarantee without some kind of control there will all of a sudden be 10 member “families” What age are children allowed in free now? Just asking.


Sorry, I see you said 4. Something to consider.