Another in the Racing Family hurt...

As some of my fellow board members know,I’am involved with a WoO Sprintcar we race under the Ray Evernham colors. And yes,… we live in Florida and it’s a Florida car.

I’am posting to ask for prayers for a member of our “sister team”. Rays crew chief for his 305 car was hit by an out of control car in the pits Sat, 9/10/11. at Bridgeport Speedway in Camden N.J.
Crew Chief Scott Fisher and his brother Doug were hit .Doug was treated and released, however Scott was tangled so badly that one leg was a very bad compound fracture and the other leg had to be amputated. He will need more extensive surgery to save his leg.
Please pray for Scott,his wife Angela,and of course the driver that hit them.
If anyone would like more information,… please do to Thank you for your time John.


That is so sad. I certainle hope and pray for all of you.

loss of a leg, another one leg in question, this is a MAJOR life changing event.

so sad, and it even happened at a raceway.