It's here the NASCAR CHASE. Who's your pick?????

[B]The new points system seems to of renew the sport! Here the Chase line up. Who’s your pick and why?
1 Kyle Busch
2 Kevin Harvick
3 Jeff Gordon
4 Matt Kenseth
5 Carl Edwards
6 Jimmie Johnson
7 Kurt Busch
8 Ryan Newman
9 Tony Stewart
10 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
11 Brad Keselowski
12 Denny Hamlin

It’s been a hard fight to get there. NOW IT"S TIME TO RUBBLE!!![/B]

Not especially a big fan but Gordon seems right on his game at this time. But anyone other than Jimmy, he’s won enough for a while!! Getting just a little too cocky!

I think Harvick is on his game and wants this bad i think he will turn it up a little more now!!If he dont win it this year he is going to become another Mark Martin!!!:ernaehrung004:

They’re all good and deserving, and Jimmy’s hard to go against, but if he can control himself, Kyle would by my choice, and no, he’s not my favorite. billy

Guess who?

Tony is my first choice, second is Newman and then Harvick…

It has been a tough road so far and it will come down to who is not afraid to use that front bumper. Kyle Busch is that man. With a close second to Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordan third. Not my favorites but that’s how I think it will end up.


We know you like Tony and Newman, no problem, but do yo really think, given the way they been running that either can actually win it? Tony himself said hes no contender. I’m not much of a Gordon fan but I think hes on a role. Actually 2-3 are. Oh, I like Tony and Newman too, maybe not my favorite but I like them. Actually I like them all, they’re all spoiled boys in the big bucks! LOL

win or lose…

i am a loyal tony fan… miracles do happen… tony will figure out his magic formula… just time… he is one of the best ever to race anything. lol uh oh… youd think he was my son the way i carry on…lol

kyle bush,the best driver in nascar,followed by brad in the dodge

As long as a TOYOTA doesn’t win!!!


Well Carol, I have to say, at least your loyal, nothing wrong with that. Tone usually gets hot late in the yr, maybe he will now.

Jeff, you’re right about Kyle and maybe about Brad, not sure yet.

My pick is Clint Bowyer…oh wait, he didn’t make the Chase:aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:


2 funny! some things are just meant to be…

Now for my serious picks; 1st,Tony Stewart…and if he can’t win, my boy Bad Brad the K-man.

Not pick but a prediction.

Harvick 1st

Earnhardt 12th

everyone else somewhere in the middle, i will add that Brad has had a fire lit under him lately, could shake it up a bit.

How about the make?

Got one anyone but Toyota. So who’s your manufactures pick??? Dodge, Ford, or Chevy???:confused::auto003::auto003::auto003:

Since Dale SR’s passing i dont really have a driver i look to win alot or the championship.Jr’s ok just not his dad and its just getting old watching Jimmie win all the champs.If i had to pick i think it would be Harvick in a chevy.He’s even showing how much he wants to win by merging with RCR to take some stress off to focus more so i think he’s my pick…