Attention All Pure Stock Drivers...Please READ

Pure Stocks Fall 6-Pack Challenge

6 Races, $500 to the points winner!!! Courtesy of Gulf Coast Auto Parts

Dates, Oct.8th. Oct.15th, Oct.22nd, Nov.5th, Nov.12th, Nov.19th, we will use Nov.26th as a rain date.

Rules, current 2011 Desoto Pure Stock Rules.

Points, we will be using the current Desoto points system for Heats & Features.

Line Ups
HEATS, we will use the current Desoto line-up procedure.
FEATURES, race 1, we will use the current Desoto line-up procedure for the first race.
Races 2 - 6, we will line up the feature race based on your points at the start of the night, fewest points will start up front with the highest points in the back.

These will be 25 lap races

Lets support the track and these races, if this works, maybe we can work out a format like this for next year with 3 or 4 short points series! Gulf Coast Auto Parts will commit to sponsor at least one of them!

Fabienne Cazemiro
Desoto Super Speedway

Hey Redraven!!

Oct 15, isn’t that the Trucks Triple Crown night? Sounds like a fun night!!!


The last leg of truck triple crown is on Nov 12th @ Desoto. You are right that should be a fun night with both of those events. The fans need to come out and support that event should be a good one!

Ok, my bad. We plan to be there.