3/8ths Mile World Record: 10.020 seconds!


If there is a down side of being a 12-time champion it might be that it becomes harder to surprise people with future accomplishments. That certainly can be said for Andy Bozell, who has accomplished so much at Kalamazoo Speedway it is hard for him to surprise competitors and fans anymore. Saturday night however, Bozell stunned everyone at Kalamazoo Speedway by breaking his own world record for a 3/8 mile track with a lap of 10.020 seconds, which was slightly better than his previous world record of 10.038. The shocking part however was that Bozell did this with 10? tires, due to new rules this year, while his previous record was set when there were no tire rules whatsoever.

i have never been to drag races

but i been watchin i think it’S called pass time and most of cars run 1x4 mile from 10 seconds to 13 seconds dragsters little faster but here’s one hauling a$$ falcon it looked plane jane on outside did not sound bad now this is sho were 3 people try to guess what there time is going be

             first guy says that car dont soud like it will run 2 guy said about same and 3 one did also  heres there time they said 13 ,20 next 11,40  next said said 14,10 no one ask any thing about car 

   car backed up did about 4 foot burn out then pulled up to line then you could see him shoot nitro out through front window  then lights started and this guy took off not much wheel spindid pull front wheels little this thing was a rocket////////////it turned 205.12 at 7.34 miles an hour some of dragsters don.t go that fast on that show is that fast or what

Thats quick Jimmy. I like those old bodys. what do those side boards do fo them? Bob…

Same thing as a Sprint car wing. It plants the left side rubber to the track surface, increasing traction, which allows faster lap times. Just a guess here, but I’d bet those boards took 2-3 seconds PER LAP off the lap times.