Wanted: Foxbody Mustang

Looking for 79-93 foxbody mustang hatchback. I DO NOT WANT A COUPE, prefer just a roller as I have my own drive train. Would like the body to be straight with no rust, as rust is the reason I’m not using my body. I have an 82 GT that I’m using the front end off of so a car with no front would work also. would be ideal to find a roller with a cage. Let me know what you have. Can post here or message. Can also call or text 813-484-5173. Thanks in advance

Please note this car will be driven on the street. I’m not looking for a racecar



theres one on citrus classified for 150.00

dont know if it what your lookin for but i have a 83 gt conv its in really good shape bein a 83 do the research only 1001 made 6 went to canada this is gettin to be a rare car. inteior is really nice could use a new top doesnt leak just showin some wear has a couple like 3 small bubble spots but car is not bad nada books value on this car is 5k. im askin 2500.00obo also 1st yr the went with t5 tranny

another i have molding for 1 side but dont have other

have 1 molding but but not other 1

Thanks for the help guys! Looks like I’m going to just have to do the body work to mine. I have an 82 GT hatch with Boss 302, T-5 trans and TRX Suspension all from the factory and car was bought new in Dec. 81. I love the front end because they only made it for 3 years, just the body has some rust. Its mainly the top around the sunroof which is very typical for these cars. Looks like I’m going to reskin the top and eliminate the sunroof. Thanks again for the help

Got one will sell as a roller. Already has cage in it minus seat. Needs engine ans trans and go run

Its the black 13 not 21. Cant figure out how to take off the other one.

Thanks You Budsgirl, But I’m looking for a street car shell. I’m building a streetrod.