Wayne wins Rex does not like it

Wayne Anderson takes the checkers as Jeff Scofield has a rear end break in the last
Lap The teck man cleared us but Rex wanted our motor and I would not give it to him so he DQ’ed us. I will have this engine at Progressive’s doorstep at 7 am monday for inspection. I was at the speedway for the last 3 days in the heat and the rain and I was not going to pull the engine at 12 am.I just wanted to
Be done and go home.

Good race last night. Although a follow the leader type race, which is the way it is at A’dale, the good action was at mid pack and the tail. Fletcher ran second first half or better till something broke. Racin’ got better after lap 45 and all the cautions were over.
Congrats to Wayne on the win and tough luck to Jeff who led the whole race except the most importand lap, the last one. Good job Jeff, it was your race.

After refusing tech why pull the engine to send it in?

Where would Rex have sent it?

these are questions, please do not take them as rude or smartass. I’m just asking because i wasn’t there or know the process.

Tom, Thought you quit racing?? Also what were the results of the rest of the field?

  1. #77 Wayne Anderson
  2. #81 Anthony Campi
  3. #33 Daniel Webster

Thats all I remember

I was there, some good racing for sure.:huepfen024:

24 cars started the race, great to see that:), and the stands were pretty full too. :ernaehrung004:

Wild finished with Jeff spinning out coming off 4 to get he checker after leading every lap.

Pretty cool how Wayne went under Jeff thru the grass to miss him with his foot in the gas to take the checkers!!!

Also great driving for all the guys behind Jeff and Wayne to miss Jeff in the middle of the track!!!

There were some good and not so good things (Lining up cars:mad:) about last night, but all in all it was a great way to honor Bryan Wescott’s life!!!

Motor will be taken to Progressive to verify it’s legality. So further legal action will be possible.

read rules

i think before you take legal action, you might want to read the rules, from what i see, progressive, cre, and jimmy cope are the only athorized spec engine builders in the state of florida.


how does rex know it will be same engine.

Yes I agree with dave41. This will not prove anything since you were already dq’ed anyways. Right?

Sorry Tom, I don’t think you have a leg to stand on. if Progressive built that motor in the first place, their word means zip when confirming the legality of it. No way in he’ll will they declare their own work to be illegal.

Besides, most rulebooks have a section that states that refusal to submit to any type of inspection, results in a complete disqualification.

I understand your frustration, but those extra couple of hours of work would have been worth $5000 to me.

Why not just tear him down in tech?? Did the declared winner, Campi, have to remove and leave his motor?? If not, what’s up with that. If Progressive built the motor, then why would they build an ‘illegal’ motor for a team that is quite often in the winners circle and subject to tear down??
Inquiring minds want to know…
Film @ 11 I guess.

The problem here goes beyond Wayne or Tommy, they were pawns in a bigger picture (No offense Wayne or Tommy)…This in reality is Rex slapping FASCAR in the face…Maybe he’s trying to prove something…

Every car was pre-teched I’m sure. If they saw a motor and questioned whether it should run or not they should have let it be known before the race…Not after the guy is looking at a $5000 payday…If Rex or any other promoter was not onboard with FASCAR’s decision to let the few Koury motors run then there have been PLENTY of FUP and track owner meetings to bring it up. At this point it can only be deemed a cowardly move…

Tommy, go get it checked and tell Steve he shouldn’t have kicked a dead horse, the OWNER was watching…

Once again racing politics at the expense of a racer. And we wonder whats happening to FL racing?


Bryan Wescott 100

Sorry to hear that controversy followed a good night of racing! I would like to thank Rex and crew for putting on a good show and for all the sweat involved to give clean restrooms and edible concessions as well as a safe place to play for all of us. It can’t be easy or it wouldn’t be so rare!

Thanks to Jim Fenton for taking an idea and making it special. Jim, now you know why you have so many friends of decades long standing, it’s who you are pal, it’s just who you are!

Thanks to the 51 Stephen Nasse team for presenting Bryan’s dad with their memorial hood and having all of us sign it after the race. A very class act indeed and a compliment to your continuation of the Faircloth, Fenton, Wescott, genetic linage of good racers and caring people.

A special thanks to the teams and crews who put on a clean show and proved why we all love this grass roots division of motorsports, it’s real and real talent managed to avert a last lap disaster that could have been real expensive for all caught up in it.

Last, a thanks to all who came for keeping the sport alive. Hope you had a good time as we remembered our friend and for sharing your time with us.

Seals were in place.Tech man saw the seals and cleared us.Seal numbers are on file at fascar no attempt was even made to check them.Tim you are correct.And I did quit but my son thought we needed a race car and bought us one.

I would not leave my engine either if the track don’t have qualified tech man that can deem the motor legal . That’s his problem and you should have been deemed the winner. just my opinion

So let me see if I got this right. The car - and motor - were cleared by tech. The track owner (or promoter) or whoever he is, didn’t like the fact that the 77 got to Victory Lane, so he decides “the motor isn’t legal” because it wasn’t pulled? Now, I am, by far, NOT an Anderson fan - never have been. But if the car was cleared, why would the track owner want the motor pulled?? Just because he don’t like the 77 team?

Hate to see this kind of controversy surround what sounds like was a great event.

Fenton, good job on pulling this one off. Suggestion for next year: move it to Inverness, where Bryan won a lot of races :wink:


Sounds to me you have a possible Lawsuit in regards of this issue you have had with Auburndales owner/promoter, due to the fact that hes at fault.


More stupid stuff all brought about by the advent of “sealed” racing engines.

The 77 had seals on its engine.
Of this, I have no doubt.

They could have been little, painted on mammals with bouncing balls on their noses but, yes, I’m sure it had some “seals” on it somewhere.

Apparently, they just weren’t the “correct” seals for what the rules were.

Maybe it’s just me…but if I were racing for five large to win I have to think that I would seek out the tech man upon my arrival at the track and show him my “sealed” motor with the important question, “Will my engine be legal after the race?”
Then, if he didn’t like my little seals, I could load up and head for the beach instead of spending three days in the heat and rain nervously hoping if I made to the tech area that nobody would see that my seals weren’t of the correct species.

But then, really, after three days in the heat and rain I also feel pretty confident that if my engine were truly “legal” I wouldn’t have a problem spending another 45 minutes pulling it out right then and there to assure my claim to the five grand and the trophy.

If…my motor was truly legal.

After all, it’s not like having some kind of driver-operated, suspension-adjusting device mounted inside your car or anything.

Cuz, you know, that would just be way over the top.

Or if the owner of the track (cause apparently tech didn’t) had a problem with this particular motor running in this race he could have informed the team prior them spending a dime at the track. Knowing Tommy, if he knew the engine was in question, the motor would have been at Steve’s last Monday BEFORE he spent his money to go through this.

The “I” man and “Bobblehead” strike again. Another black eye on FL LM racing.