sposnors needed for Snowball Derby

USF student going back home to race Snowball Derby! currently running bomber/street stock division. ran this summer and ran top 5 consistently and contended for wins. just had bad luck. we currently need help for gas, tires, travel, pit passes, etc. every little bit helps and this is a good way for you or your company to get maximium exposure at the biggest short track race in the country. you can email me at dsidner@mail.usf.edu if intrested in working out a deal. thank you!

snowball derby is only about 3 weeks away. still in need of some help to be able to compete for win. anything helps, great exposure for your company.

2 weeks till the derby!!!

alright, the snowball derby is now jsut 2 weeks from kicking off at 5 Flags Speedway. we still have plenty of room for more sponsor help, and like a said, anything helps. thanks