tons and tons of racing parts

I got two 10 inch sportman dirt tires hoosiers would be good for thunder stock or sportsman comes with rims 5by 4.75 $ 40 each

NSS 8 inch hoosier treads all are in great shape i got 5 of them at 25 each tire

fan shroud $10

18"steel 4 blade fan $10

three racing air breathers $5 each

one master cly with short rod to bypass booster $15

9 1/2 racing springs 850 and a 750 $15 each or $25 for the set

Two 15x8 rims one is 4 in backspacing and the other in a 2 in backspacing $10 a rim

I got a three cast iron 4 barrel intake ill take $15 each .

Set of upper motor mounts $5

big sway bar 2inoff a big monte super stock $5

2 sets chrome tall vavle covers new with chrome aircleaner $25

2 full size monte carlo driveshafts and also a big sway bar that almost 2inches around that fits big body monte $15 each

a set of big body gm upper a-arms $15

one center dump exaught manifold $20

Stock monte ss floor shifter $8

two alum. angle spacer they go from 2 inches to 3 inches $20 each

one master on and off switch $10

Exauht for center dump manifolds goes from 2 1/2 inch to 3 inch $15

79 cutlass alum. hood $40

79 cutlass rad. support and headerpanal with all lights $40

chevy 350 5.7 rods with dish pistons came out of a motor wit only 50,000 on it $40

Stock 1974 oil pan and vavle covers $20

Stock replacement waterpump for chevy 350 $15

stock fuel pump in well working condition came of a 74 vette $20

Side lexan windows for a mid 80’s montecarlo, grand prix $10

also had a throtle rod $5

Hi voulme fuel pump $ 20

New comp cams thumper cam
this has very little time on it. Looks brand new. lift is .513/.498 adv dur: 283/303 lobe sep:107.0 $60

12’ 35o turbo torque convertor $45

I am interested in the tires and rims, can you ship

yeah where too

adel, GA. 31620

yeah i could after i receve a money order that clears my bank

im interested in the sway bars both of them were are u located or can u ship.

im interested in the sway bars both of them were are u located or can u ship.

to the top i will work on prices let me know what you need

Where are you located?

1002 flagler ave edgewater fl 32132

Cool do you have the lifters for the cam?

no i dont i used them with another cam

to the top…

to the top

sent you a pm