Sportsman Rollor

I’m going to keep trying to down load pictures. Text me your email address and I will get them to you right away. Leaf spring car (camaro), 9" 633 gear, break bias, fire surpression system, about 5 races on all new sheet metal interior, body and lexan. One race on all new front end suspension, tie rods, rotors, calipers, spindles, center link, ball joints, black hawk pads. (have receipts). 5 on 5 wheels have 6 races on them. $3000 Sportsman Rollor
Call 239-246-3000


here are pics of car






Camaro clip

where was this car raced at?? i can offer you 2000.00

Car was raced at Punta Gorda

will you sale for 2000.00 very interested

No. $3000 is a good deal

where are located,take the seat out get the price down to 2000.00 and i will take it…just a thought…

Naples. Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass.