2012 is coming time to refresh your old motor

New season is coming check with me on prices to refresh your motor or if you want one built.

I got great prices that will get you to the front of the feild.

I need a few thing for my project car . If you got them i can take off the price off a motor or a re fresh.

350 turbo transmisson
metric rearend with 3.73 , 3.90, 3.42 dont matter witch one
metric ford 9inch with 600 to 633 gear or with a 5.13
sbc cly heads
4412 carb or q jet carb

How much do you get for a valve job on a set of chevy heads, also to put in screw in studs, and cut to 72cc?

400 for everything

to the top

Ford 2300

How much to freshen up a Mod Mini motor.

to turn the crank new rod and main bearing and re ring it and new gaskets 650