Erik Jones wins 46th annual Governors cup

Erik Jones wins 46th annual Governors cup, first out of state driver to win since Mike Eddy 30 years ago.
Erik Jones-Michigan
David Rogers
Bobby Good
Ben Kennedy
Donnie Wilson

I was gonna say, he’s gotta get through Ricky Brooks first :slight_smile:

Eric Jones

Just talked to Lori Winchell. She said Eric is 14 or 15 yrs. old!!! AMAZING… he won this race of some of the best drivers in the sate!!! I applaud you Eric for an awesome win!
Joe blew out his knee before the race and had to be carried to his car. If I know Joe he will race to heaven… That is his life and his love.that and beautiful loving Lori! ;-). alot of guys had car problems … Heard there were quite a few wrecks too but not sure who was involved.
Well here goes another year of some fun racing. Hope next yr. is going to be a GREAT race year. Oh… one more thing…

[SIZE=“7”]TONY… “SMOKE EM ALL” !!! :huepfen024::huepfen024:

Full tear down on the Supers going on right now…could be a long night…


holy smokes. guess they arent foolin around. its sure is gonna be a long night. wonder what promoted that. cant wait til tomorrow for results. thanks for the info Rick.

Well, Bobby Good did not clear tech but ran a great race none the less. Congrats to David Rogers on a great race as well taking some nice momentum into the Snowball Derby!!

It’s OFFICIAL… I was in the tech dept. when Ricky gave the 2 thumbs up.

This kid is bad-ass, not to mention a very nice guy. Never missed an inch of what he needed to do. For his 2nd SLM race EVER, he schooled Rogers, Anderson, Russell, Choquette, time after time.

Very much impressed with his talents and personality.

I think the kid turn 15 this year, and man second time in a SLM and won the Gov. Cup?!?!?

Somebody in NASCZR is going to sign him ASAP!!!

Yes I agree the kid did I great job. He had the better car the hole race. Reminds me of Jeff Choquette but with him think it was his 3rd time on asphalt when he won his first governor’s cup

We were on the stands on the inside of turn 1 and that kid drove the same exact line every lap. On the last restart Rogers body slammed him on the inside going into one, and the kid held on and drove away. Pretty awesome job.

Yea, the kid was cool as a cucumber all night. Plenty of opportunity to screw up and he never came close. He’s lucky it was Rogers on that last restart, anybody else would have ridden him all the way to the fence, though they may not have been able to get close enough anyhow.

Jones looks to be a contender at the derby.

I think he is the first to led wire to wire since Mike Fritz a few years ago.

Now he’s not sure he will make the Derby, since his engine was torn down about as far as you can go. But, it was legal, and he gets the check. This kid made me a complete believer. I never once saw him even come close to a mistake… about as close to perfect as you can get.

Not so fast my friends…they also confiscated his tach (new NASCAR type) and are sending it to the manufacturer to check for the dreaded traction control…word on the street is that NASCAR only allows 3 wires so TC cannot be integrated into the tach, Jone’s tach had 5 wires…not sayin, just sayin…
A few of you said it yourselves…the kid was PERFECT!!! NSS on your first trip is not an easy place to be PERFECT!!!Especially in your 2nd ever race in a SLM…oh ya, he lso picked up 3/4 of a second in qualifying.

I am not trying to take anytning away from the kid. I hope it all checks out great, it would be great to see a new phenom to follow…

It was a pretty good race all together. Good passing up front, especially on restarts…it was pretty predictable that if you were on the inside in the first two rows you were going to get shuffled back…I thought Choquette was going to sneak up there, not exactly sure what happened to him on that restart, driver error or did he get a little help?

Choquette got help to the wall…

So, did Anderson run Nasse up into the fence, or was it just “one of them racin’ deals”? Speed51 was reporting Buggy (Pletcher) was goin’ after Anderson on pit road at the halfway break.

The new nascar tachs have 5 wires. They display red and green lights for pit road speeds.

Another star in the making in the long line of standout late model drivers from Michigan! I’d say line them up and there is no state with better late model drivers than the Wolverine state! I’m just sayin!!

Joy Fair, Bob Senneker, Ed Howe, Mike Eddy, John Anderson, Joe Ruttman, Butch Miller, Jerry Makara, Johnny Benson, Sr and Jr, Randy Sweet, Tommy Maier, Danny Byrd, Freddy Campbell and a few more…

Before it gets out of hand. The results ARE OFFICIAL and I did keep the tach for research of my own doing, there was never a word mentioned about traction control from the tech shed. He will get the tach back at the snowball.

Well, thats that…hell of a run for Erik.