Turkey rod run nascar parts at woody's stall

John Josey brought down a trailer full of New ans used Nascar parts talking transmissions carburators fuel cells racing jacks Ford engines complete with headers pistons cranks seats containment and non containment cot wings just to name a few all real clean al;l priced right at the end of aslie 84 where we always are. got a L.S.2 complete with wiring and computor stop by this weekend turkey rod run at the Daytona speedway.this is some of the best stuff we ever hads he brung a slug of firebottles 5lb $ 10 lb now you can have a fire system for 1/3 the price

I will be there Friday. Will stop by to see you.

how much for a carb i would like one but wont be there.

I’ll have to ask john when I get their I 'll post some prices here tonite

O’K’ this is what i remenber a blake 750 looks in good shape we he wants 300.00 a blake 600 in better shape for 400.00 a tricked out 390 for 500.00 this would make a great piece when it’s dry slick
firebottles 5lb. for 250.00 10 lbs for 350.00 i think two dortton fords from pro cup compltet with headers and bellhoisungs 10,000 each well make you a deal on the pair the headers alone are worth 4500.00 a set. lots of calipers Brembos wiiwood late models up date your brake program for 1500.00 a set you all need to take a peak at this fuel cell ATL with can 22 gallon 18 gallon out of cup cars i don’t remember the price .if you can’t make it give me a call 1 386 801 3026 tomorrow woody

we have a group of new world pdoduct heads some camel humps and some bowtie stuff a 400 block and other item,s that Jason Boyd brought over this is new old stock stuff left over from his dad.eare 6 cly intakes all kinds of manifolds . we got two containment seats all kinds of rear end pumps two of thoose huge dominator holleys 5 sets of collria rods boy i can’t spell we are at the end of row 84 1 386 985 1002 1 386 801 3026 cell don’t miss out woody