Nascar surplus brembo brakes fire bottles carbs

I’ve been able to convince John to leave me some that are left over from the rod run several 5 lb firebottles two sets brembo brakes all 4 wheels for 1600.00 a set of 4.two full sets of A P all 4 wheels 6 piston fronts for 2400.00 a setof 4 all kinds of other stuff 1 386 985 1002 or 1 386 891 3026 located in deland carbs also avaiable dup stuff will work great no modifieds thanks for looking woody

What kind of carbs? and CFM

we got us a 650hp for 450.00 this is a 80541 we got us 2 1150 dominators 550.00each we got us a nascar 750.00 for 550.00 we got us a real nice 390 for 350.00 we got us a 650 double pumper for 400.00 but I’m not a hp. there are others in their I’ll have too look

Hey Woody did he leave any of those steering wheel quick release hubs. Rainey

no stearing hubs but I’ll see him this weekend if you want i’ll grab you one.we will be going to Webster on sunday for the flee market.


How much are Fire Bottles?

used 5lbs. for 175.00 new ones for 250.00 10 lbs. are 350.00 and are the automatic type. I"ve got 5lbs here in Deland and will have 10 lbs. at webster thanks for asking woody 1 386 985 1002. the used bottles are like new looking they just ain’t in a box