Mildred Marcum, Co-Founder and Matriarch of ARCA passes

Early Monday A.M. Mildred Marcum passed away at 98 years old. She is my son-in-law’s Great Grandmother, Zach Drager and my daughter’s wedding was in Oct. 2010, which she attended. It was an honor to know her personally,what an interesting lady to talk with. When i asked her secret to living so long,one thing she attributed it to was, every night before bed time she had a little glass of Jack Daniels and water on ice (for medicinal purposes). One of the last things she was told before she died was that my daughter is 5 weeks pregnant with her great great grand baby.

The link below tells the story of how she and her husband, John Marcum became friends with the Frances,Big Bill and Annie. and became involved with auto racing.