Ford Mod Mini roler with extras

I have a nice mod mini that I was going to get going, but just bought one ready to run. It has a Toyota independant suspension and just needs a motor with transmission. Have 3 blocks, 3 heads, 2 extra suspensions, a few wheels and more. I want to get around $1700 for all of it. In Plant City currently. Email me or text me. Justin 813-323-5300


A few pics of the car.

photo 4.JPG


Throw out an offer!!

$1000 for the car.

Also could do trades. Need a Hans, radios or nice containment seat.

are you up for ANY OTHER TRADES LIKE A BIG MUD TRUCK IF SO CALL 863 214 6723

Sorry, but I have too many vehicles already. That’s why I need this gone. Thanks though.

Need this thing gone soon. I have no room for it and it’s not getting used. Throw out an offer or trade. Still need radios or Hans.


are they ford head and blocks if so how much ty