Fl.WoO #59 update/speed weeks

For the fellow board members that might be interested,…while the 2010
season was good 8 misc.a main wins,and 2 WoO wins,…2011 did not fare well for the “Golden Rocket”.
We were rained out of all of the race’s that we needed to run in,and needed to run well in. Because funds are limited we pick the tracks based on purse,
how well we run at that track etc etc. We spent over $20,000.00 on fuel just getting to the tracks,…only to be rained out.

How ever to good news is while our driver Brook Tatnell is down under racing ,…we will run at Volusia for the first time anyway. Dave Blaney will drive for us. The car is in the barn in Jupiter Farms being preped. We will run the new Maxium Chassis,with our 900hp Fisher engine. And Mike Woodring is the crew chief. Craters & Freighters will be on the car

We hope to do Florida proud has the only WoW Sprinter based from our Sunshine state. The 59 will not run this year under the Ray Everham banner.
Look for the Craters & Freighters logo { www.cratersandfreighters,com}
as always, thanks much for your time. John

You just do the #59 and Jupiter proud. There is some bad a$$ cars housed in Jupiter Farms with the #59. Good luck to you guys this year!!! See ya soon!

Yup, there are some really good running cars in the Farms, I know ,…I helped out on a few. Great drivers,…great cars. I know of a driver or two that well could have turned pro. If they had some seat time,… in a car that runs on our level {WoO} they could run with alot of the best. I guess there are some people that might say thats bull $hit…trust me it’s not… the Farms is a strange but wonderful place when it comes to race cars…
And thanks much for you support…

Bay Rat

Thanks for the update, Please keep us posted on the season, I enjoy the reports