Nice Visit Today

Big surprise at the ISC Archives today when Mike Fritts came by… Was great to see him again… Two-time Governor’s Cup champion and one of the best racers I’ve ever seen wheel a car… Now, of course, heading up young Ben Kennedy’s efforts and seemingly enjoying it although he does say he misses driving… I have to root for Kennedy anyway since his mom signs my paycheck, but rooting for Ben is also rooting for Mike too…
Been a great week here… got to meet a number of former IMSA/SCCA stars including Roger Mandeville, George Alderman, Tom Yeager and Jim Downing plus a large group of International media people including two really great guys from Singapore who produce a really great magazine called “Rewind.”
The only downer was that A. J. Foyt could not make the trip to be Grand Marshall for the Rolex 24 due to recent surgery… was really looking forward to seeing him again…

That is very cool! I still would like to get down there with my son and see the archives.

Joe… It is WELL worth the time. One of my highlights as a race fan.

My wife and I got the tour from Dave a few weeks ago. You could spend 2 days there and not see it all.
Thanks Dave.

Two (2) days???

You could spend 2 years in there, and still couldn’t have seen everything!

I only had time for a brief 45 minute or so visit, moving fast along, and was over my head in really cool stuff. I look forward to another visit, someday.

Thanks again, to AncrDave for being a perfect host.

[QUOTE=AB195;96088]Two (2) days???

You could spend 2 years in there, and still couldn’t have seen everything!

Well maybe, if you took time to unpack all the boxes in the vault…
I was referring to everything already on display Roger. Tons of stuff still packed away waiting for Dave to catagorize it…