St. Pete: Lookin' for Drivers/Car #'s/Classes

From the St. Pete FaceBook page:

>>Let’s start a list of drivers with the class and number they want to run. Friends and relatives can post for drivers who are not on Facebook.<<

Cole Partelo kids bomber and mini cup #9

Rob Partelo Super Latemodel #9

Austin Dunham #28 mod-mini and this season Steve Martin #7 mod-mini

Brittany Barr 4cyl bomber #81 for sure, i’ll post any other cars and drivers I might put together later

Jacob Catterton. 4 cylinder bomber #25

Danny Partelo #9 Modified. :slight_smile:

Dalton Nelson #94 open wheel modified

Tyler Porter # 1 - kids bomber

Rick Sirmans mod mini 5

Mike Crooks #33x StreetStock/bomber

If you’re not on FaceBook, but wanna post your name/class/car #, put it here, and I’ll copy/paste it to the FaceBook page.

what’s the facebook page called?


Why do they have to do Facebook. First mistake. A lot of people, like me, don’t do the Facebook thing (did it twice and both times my computer crashed shortly after that). What do people have against doing something on here. It’s gotta reach more people. Bronson does the same thing and you never hear anything about them. How about a web site?

David Debelius
#38 Super Late Model
#38 Open Wheel Modified

Please, Please, Please don’t run the Modifieds on those damn Airplane tires. Race Cars belong on SLICKS!!!

Dave, I’m trying to get 'em post over here as well. Can suggest it, can’t make 'em do it, though :-\ I guess they still don’t realize that not all racers are on Facebook…

Here’s two

Doug Miller modified # 53
Doug Miller late model # 53
Tommy shnader Modified #19


Devin McLeod/ #21/ Sportsman & Legend car

i know 5 more mod minis that WILL come!!!

CAR Class

Bill Chapman

Mod Mini’s

Mark, which 5 are you talking about? Me, you, Eddie and who else?



he eh he eh!!! 40 out of retirement? add a 42?

depends on what night the track runs… but 09 mod-mini and 7x streetstock/fig8…

i totally agree with DD38 , facebook is bs . too many virus’s . plus this bs that you can’t read anything unless you friend or whatever . closed groups , etc . create account , its bs . put the info on here where everyone can see it without the hassle and aggravation . bronson owners think its the way to go but as we can see it turns off most people , as their car count is practically nothing . much easier to look and read then jump through hoops to find info . and i also agree about the mods on airplane tires , get em back on slicks ! i can see putting them on pure stocks , street stocks etc but come on ! when you hear a full blown modified with a sb2 motor `squealin tires going through the corners that bs .

3 Mini Stocks

#77 Kevin Knox
#24 Tim Scalise
#55 ???

Ralph Bowman open wheel modified #2

Earl Bowman street stock #2

car count

i have two mod mini’s #29 and #01 and know of a third if they decide two have mod mini’s

Mod Mini Drivers Monday Meeting at Quaker Stake and Lube

Calling all Modified Mini Stocks that want to race in St. Pete

We need to get everyone who is thinking about running modified mini stocks at the Old Sunshine Speedway to come out to the Quaker Steak and Lube
@ 10400 49th St. North @ 7pm Monday 2/13/2012

The decision to have this class will greatly depend on how many folks show up wanting to race this class.


All other classes can show up too…