Tough night for Buzzie at BRP

Buzzie broke a ‘Rocker Arm’ in the feature Thursday night. We weren’t planning on running the Shaw car until Volusia, but will be dusting her off for Friday night.
Congratulations to Kyle Bronson for winning the 30 lap feature,if you have never seen him run, he is worth the price of admission, he flat drives the hell out of a car. The top four were, Bronson, Ivedent Lloyd, Kenny Wallace and Jeff Mathews. 24 cars were in the house, so all started the feature, with 12 finishing.

Thanks for the update Trash. I hope Buzzie has better luck tonight. I always root for a Reutimann. Is David running also? billy

No, but he is down here helping, and will be at the track tonight.

That was probably the best dirt modified race I have ever seen. The front 7 cars were standing on the gas all the way around the track. Major kudos to Bubba for the changes to the track by making it wider and more banking. I can’t wait to see the sprints and late models run on it!

And this is coming from a man who has seen MANY good races. I pay attention when Junkie says it’s good…

Don’t be a stranger Mike…!

Looking forward to NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Can’t wait till Friday night at EAST BAY to see all the HOT DOGS go for it. It looks like the KARNACIEN “BENCH RACING TEAM” will be there in FORCE!!! Let’s get some mud our are tires. OH YEAH!!! TRASH tell Buzzy GOOD LUCK in all the up coming races. You’ll all burning up the midnight oil!!! And we will been there with bell on!!!

sI’LL be there , what time are we meeting?

Unless something changes, David is planning on running tonight for the ‘big money’.
One thing i enjoy when you have alot of guys from out of town is, how friendly most of the people are. It’s nice to talk to ‘Racers’ down in Florida for about three weeks who are here just to race,and have a good time, alot of them are staying in their motorhomes at the track.
The racing was great again Friday night with 27 cars taking the green with ‘The High Side Tickler’ Kyle Sctrickler in the ‘Harris Race Cars’ #8 winning over Jeff Mathews and Kyle Bronson.