Is asking On Feb the 13th 7 P.M. there be a meeting for Street Stock’s at Quaker State & Lube, 10400 49th Street (At US 19), Clearwater, FL 33762. 727.572.9464 for drviers and owners.

Please come out to Quaker State & Lube and talk with me so I can get your Rules done. Also Bill Church will be putting the first point fund money into your point fund at the end of the night.

This is for STREET STOCK’S only, other classes will have a meeting at a later date.

Let make a list here on the drivers/owner that will be coming to the meeting so Robert can get a big enough space for us all.

Ralph and Earl Bowman will be there

Ralph and Earl Bowman will be there

Let get the street stock driver name on here who will be coming to the meeting.

Just a reminder that the Street Stock Meeting is this Monday Night 02/13/12


Any Idea on when the OWM meeting will be…Thanks

All I am is help posing for Robert I will try and find out at the meeting