Eastbay Tonight.....

If you were not there you missed probably some of the greatest bench racing ever…I miss you Jack…

The KARNACIEN “Brench Racing Team” WINs!!!

:aktion033::aktion033:Rick is right. Jack was missed. The oysters, blue crab, and stone crab claws were GREAT!!! Thanks Don and Sandy. Gosh it was so much fun remembering all the good and bad times. The wars raged about the way track should run and not run. The future of Sun Shine and Robert “Bal…s” to take on such a feat in these trouble times. Good to meet Kenny Wallace. His tee shirts are only $5.00!!! Now that’s a DEAL!!! I bought a bunch and surprised a few of the folks that I brought. We got rained shorten. BUT THAT MEANS WE ARE GOING BACK TONIGHT!!! EAST BAY is letting everyone back in at 4:00 to finish the heats and see the tonight show as well. Way to GOOOOooo EAST BAY!!! Hope everyone can make its. Oh yeah. KENNY WON HIS HEAT!!! Buzzy hit the wall and bent a a-arm. But he’ll be ready to taken all on. For 7o years young he AWSOME!!! See YEAH TODAY!!!

I didn’t know where y’all were when I got there, so I went inside and sat down. Only saw Chip and Sugar Bear in the grandstands. Chip told me where y’all were set up, so I’ll try and come over there tonight.

Cold But Cool!!!

Last night the KARNACIEN “BENCH RACING TEAM” made it back. I finally got to me ModelCarMan. Ricky is amazing. He goes to all or most of the Winter Nationals. They could answer any question I ask. Coming from a Asphalt World there was a lot of info to get caught up on. Even though the winter in Winter Nationals started moving as the sun went down. I like the dumpy I am only had a wind break on not a winter jacket. I new I was in for some chilly willys when I saw the Veterans all bundled up. Anyway the racing was HOT HOT HOT. Buzzy was in the first “B” main starting last (18th) was putting on a client on the youngsters when he got up to 7th. One out of making it to the last transfer spot for the “A” Main. He was making his move on sixth when the last car he passed turned him. And dang it was over not enough laps left to do it again. The Mini Sprints were very fast. But the “A” Main belong to the “Hemrenator” Kenny Wallace. I was to cold to stay for the Saturday Night edition and Final night for the $5,000.00 to WIN. So on to the NEXT KARNACIEN “BENCH RACING TEAM” Event??? Anyone want to through out some races to take in. It sure was GREAT to see all the old Friends and some old ARCH Rivals (And are really Gold FREINDS) again. Write your thoughts.

ModelCarMan who won the $5,000.00???

Ricky who won the “A” main. And how did the night go… I was a wuss. The cold chased me home. Always check the freaken weather before going to a out side event. Duah… I’ll keep checking, but give me a call/ 813-817-7223. And again THANKS DON and SANDY!!! The Seafood was KILLER!!!

The A Main was won by Devin Dixon,he started on the pole and led all 75 laps. The track was terrible (their track prep equipment was broke and they couldn’t get it running) it was hard and black early from having to finish Friday nights show, by the time the Feature was run it was mostly a one groove track. Most drivers just stayed on the bottom with none of them venturing up to the top. After the mid-way stop for fuel, if a driver elected to change tires, he would have to go to the rear. Buzzy Adams (#40) elected to put on tires, he put on one hell of a show coming from about 10th up to challenge Dixon, he got next to him a couple of times, one time got by, only to have Dixon get right back by as they diced for position , but Dixon was able to hold him off for the win.

Sorry i missed the party,we were scrambling all the time in between races and i never got time to come out to the parking lot…wish i could of seen everyone.

How did Buzzy do?

I know Buzzy had a tough night Friday and the make up Sat. But never heard how The Main Event went???
Thanks for the update.

Just got on here today. Took the day off the internet yesterday. It was cold Saturday night for sure Bobby. I had three layers on and a sock cap and kept pretty warm.

When Buzzy Adams and Kenny Wallace changed tires and started a march up the field it was very cool. To bad Kenny wasn’t able to get up to battle for the lead at the end also. I think he finished 3rd or 4th.

Now it’s time for some LATEMODELS tonight!!! :huepfen024: