Attention Drivers:Any Interest in Sportsman / Outlaw Latemodels @Showtime Speedway?

Hello, I am Mark Nelson. We need to get a field of cars signed up if we want our class to run. I am looking for a list of cars who would like to run. After I have enough interest we will have an official meeting to discuss rules. I want to keep the rules very close to the OUTLAW LATEMODEL RULES from before. Basically, coil spring chassis with wedge bolts, wedge style bodies, and the ability to run a ford 9in if desired, but no 3 links or limited latemodel style chassis. You can actually take a street stock and convert it up to this class. This is what many of us did before. Once you convert or build one of these they are the same cost as a Street Stock to maintain and race. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Mark Nelson. 727-463-6336.


alot of us have three link cars…we have one ready to go…

Then it’s a limited late, right?

I understand that there are a few cars of that style around. If that is all that is out there, then I guess we will have to just make it a limited latemodel class. I was hoping to keep it simple and cost effective for a guy to run the same chassis he may already have for street stock and just do a little mods. to make it work. This is how it all started at the track originally. Feel free to post what you have so we can see who is interested. Thanks, Mark.

I think you would get a good showing of late model sportsmans. Citrus County drew anywhere for 12 - 24 cars every week last year. Many of them came from places other than Citrus (Tampa, Sarasota, and Mulberry). Since the end of the Southern Sportman Series, we’ve been looking for a place to race. If you drew the top drivers from SS series, I can guarantee it would be a great show.

stick with sportsmans the way they are as of now . not a good idea to start another class in an already suffering economy . go with citrus type rules ,( as they are basicaly limited late models now ) dont step on another tracks toes with schedualing , pay a decent purse and they will come .

Please just give your name if you want to be on the list of drivers interested of forming some sort of sportsman class. Right now it is all about car counts.

Digital Homes #73 Sportsman, Sarasota, Fl

We have 15 interested drivers at this time. I know 11 of them have cars already. Please reach out to anyone you know so we can get this started. Thanks, Mark.

Sportsmen or a Modified Mini Stock…just waiting to see what classes will be ran. Sold my old car and have cash to buy another when more info is released!

Nathan Florian

Roger Welch 98 sportsman you figure out the rules we just want to run at showtime speedway. chop chop

Latest news, Robert is going to make the rules and post them. Then its up to us to get a minimum of 12 cars to the racetrack. He did not give any info about the rules. I’m sure they will be posted at once they have them. He thought it would take a few more weeks to get them in order.