Well... Here's Some Interesting News from Daytona!

From Speed51:

NASCAR K&N Cars & Modifieds to Run Daytona Short Track

NASCAR has confirmed that in 2013 the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tours, and a Late Models division will run at Daytona International Speedway (FL) on a temporary 4/10th’s of a mile oval on the backstretch. The events will be run on the two dark days of Speedweeks, Monday and Tuesday following pole qualifying for the Daytona 500. These special non-points events will have automatic starting sports for winners from the previous year in each division. the top 10 in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series will get automatic starting spots as well in the Late Model event. NASCAR Mexico champions and NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Champions will also receive starting spots in one of the two major races. The official announcement will be made on Friday at Daytona International Speedway.

Hmm, so does that help or hurt NSS?

It WILL bring a lot more Mods to Florida. Although it will hurt NSS for a couple nights, I think they’ll find a way to turn it into their advantage the other nights.

I guess we at the Richard Petty Driving Experience won’t have those 2 days next year. Those are huge days for us. We will be there next week on Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st. 8 classes a day and 5 ride cars running. Come check it out!

I was thinking it was time for a shakeup on the NSS Worls Series program anyhow, maybe they could incorporate it to take advantage of the cars that will be here. I would LOVE to see a big money event to try to lure them over. A full field of mods at NSS would be worth it every time.

NSS should get a full-points sanction (nascar Whelen Modified Tour) for the Richie Evans Memorial 100. In conjunction with the Daytona events, it would fill the field and the grandstands.

Joe… from what I read, these races will be under the lights, and I doubt it will affect the daytime activities out there.

Finally Daytona will have someplace to run bandoleros!

As long as we are dreaming, we might as well dream big. They should leave the LM’s for NSS and run a tour modified and SUPERMODIFIED show!!!

This gives NSS a chance to try something different. During the World Series, the Monday and Tuesday crowds are usually pretty weak, so I can’t see Daytona making that big of a difference overall at NSS. Maybe they can turn it into something positive like bringing back the ACT LM group that put on such good races in 2011.

That was the first thing I thought of as well.

yea I saw it on the news this morning sound like to me it may work into a weekly show at some point. and they also said it may have some impact on local racing they didn"t say good or bad so we will have to wait and see what happens .

I think it will be a plus for our local tracks. NSS gives each of the upper divisions a night off already so an extra night is not a bad thing. I think that is when we see the ACT come back, or the TBARA, etc fill in. Believe it or not I think 4 solid classes makes for a great show. Last but not least I think Daytona could pull in even more of the top teams from around the country who since they are here for Daytona, might want to stay around for NSS.

Plus, I might finally get to go shoot photos at Daytona!!

While it all sounds exciting for the short track guys I for one hope they do not try to engage in weekly racing. They have already hurt the short tracks enough with their Saturday night telecasts. NSS could not stand the pressure and Orlando would be in jeopardy as well. I can’t speak for Citrus county but don’t see how it could help. Ticket prices woud be interesting given the cost just to turn on the lights there. While nascar feeds off of short track drivers they certainly don’t mind biting the hand that feeds them.

I had read the new Daytona 4/10th mi. race for NASCAR tour Mod. and K/N too. What I was looking at now is, it may not hurt NSS Mod show, yes/ or no. I look at the schedule of NSS 2012 Speedweek. Tour mod run everynight except Sun. and Wed off. And 2013 Speedweek NSS can make some change to Mon-Tue. night off so they can go to Daytona track to race and come back to NSS to finish the rest the races week. So, everyone can get your points money and awards stuff like that so, you won`t miss any night of races. Take a poll here.


sigh , bandeleros , ( face palm )

Actually, NASCAR and Briggs & Stratton are developing a new engine/gear combo to allow the Bandoleros to run on the 2 1/2 mile… Kenny Wallace is in line to get the first one!

Since you started this thread this is certainly a perfect end to it. I would rather see someone with bandolero experience like the Busch brothers perhaps they could begin a resurection of their careers.