to Kyle Busch....

I still cant stand you but i have to say that tonight you did some of the best driving i have ever seen… an awesome finish for you and thanks for giving tony the push! :ernaehrung004: thats it. still dont like you… roflll a very exciting shootout! cant wait for the 500!!! GO TONY!!!

Was that not cool, or what.


was an exciting race. just glad no one got hurt. i think we are in for one helluva 500! just hope KB isnt so lucky…actually it wasnt luck…it was some fine driving! (tell me to shut up please) lol glad Jeff G wasnt hurt. bad wreck./ GREAT fun. cant wait for the biggest bestest race of the year!
how the heck are ya Rog? long time no see.

how can you not like kyle
after that kind of driving
restarted 11 spot 2laps to go
and wins
you may not like him
but you got to respect him
go kyle :ernaehrung004:

you may not like him
but you got to respect him
go kyle :ernaehrung004:[/QUOTE]

There is absolutely no way. I don’t care what this little douche bag does in a car, he is the single most disrespectful driver I have ever seen.


i love his driving but i cannot like him because of what edm said. he is disrespectful and arrogant… well onward to the big race. GO TONY!

Maybe he can change???

LOVE him or LOVE to HATE him. He is one of the BEST Drivers out there (when he’s side way from getting touched). I sure hope all the specialist can turn him around. It’s was almost working last year. BUT!!!

kyle is a jackass! but damn that jackass can drive:aetsch013:

Races ending like this will put nascar back into business. I just hope they don’t install sensors on the bumpers so they can electronicaly know who to penalize. Clearly the love bug racing is gone I just hope the mayhem is not how its going to be. Someone will get hurt.


ARCA said NO PUSHING in the CORNERS!!! Maybe NASCAR will learn from ARCA. Josh Williams had a hella RACE!!! Can’t wait for the NASCAR stuff on TV today.:ernaehrung004:

Seen fewer wrecks in a 50 lap Super Stock race at OSW LOL… Betcha that race sells a few unsold seats for the 500 though…

use to not like him until Daytona 2 years ago. He took the time to sign some autographs and noone else did. Tony was a complete a$$ just like I saw him at Lakeland running the CRA cars a few years ago. He eraned some respect GO KYLE!!! :ernaehrung004:


well maybe he changed… NOT… he was too busy to talk to my grandson who was about 7 at Lakeland. was sitting on his ass playing with rivets)…he treated Chaplain Bill even worse!!! imagine? who is nicer than Chappy?
we were heart broken but David Stremme made up for it in spades. he is an awesome fan friendly, child friendly man. will never forget meeting him. Bill elliot was awesome too at Eastbay a few years back. gave bobby a remote control car because he was shocked at Bobbys good manners. wont forget that either. didnt have Bobby with me when i met tony but Tony was so nice. we stood in a parking lot at Homestead and talked for at least 10 minutes and got hugs and pics. i guess it depends on the day and how and when we approach them.they are human and they will screw up. its a high tension sport.