Congratulations on your 10th place finish Sunday night. Not a bad finish for a rookie in the class. Good luck tonight. billy

Wtg Boney!!!

i know you had a blast! great finish for a rookie! all in one piece! be careful out there and i hope i get to see you race that sprint one of these days. luv ya my friend…:auto003:

How about that! A top ten finish (in a race that actually had more than 10 cars) and only 4 laps down… Hear the feature race took just under 8 minutes! It takes the LM guys that long to complete the first lap in most of the World Series shows LOL… Not a big field of cars and they tore a few up too so not looking too good for tonight, but I might go and use up my arm band from the Friday rainout… Should be a quick show tonight since there are so few Tour/SK Modifieds and only a “decent” field of FL Mods… Just no LM crashing to watch…

No kidding aside, Rex did a great job having run just Mini Stocks at NSS and those is a whole lot different than a Sprinter… First good finish on his way to Rokie of the Year!!!