New Coil-Over Spring Compressor Was $599 - Now $500!

Works with all spring diameter sizes from 2-1/2" up to 5". Installs & removes most coil over spring-shock combinations. Can be used to install springs without moving the coil over adjusting nut. Dual stage hydraulic pump for increased travel in removing & installing very long springs from short shocks. 3 bar design allows for triangular attachment to the spring to reduce deforming the spring on compression. Upper shock mount centers spring in proper location and allows for user to be able to work on the spring/shock without having to hold the coil-over by hand. Open design allows for installation & removal of coil-over from the front. Portable design allows you to bring it to the track for on-site adjustment. Works on all brands of shocks and springs. A must for any racer running the big bar/soft spring setup! Call 800-882-7231or email