Running Hot?

I live in Europe and am trying to share a secret from Italy on how to keep your motor cool. It is a radiator additive that is 100% almost completely de-mineralized water. It is race legal in Europe since it is water–no additives. It just has a special kick. It was hard to believe when my friend, who owns the company, asked me to introduce it to Germany (where I live) and the US. Not only is it used in racing (bikes, cars, trucks) but also in commercial trucking and in one electrical power generating plant.

It keeps your engine running at a more constant temperature, and will lower the temperature 10-30 F degrees. It will not cause your desired temperature to decrease–but it will keep it closer to that temperature.

By keeping the engine cooler we get an increase of horsepower (mostly by not loosing HP due to heat expansion), get better gas mileage, and run a heck of alot cleaner. Your plugs will come out white and your injectors clean.

I will be in Ohio 22 April-16 May and then in Florida 18-26 May. I’m looking for organized teams that are willing to try this at no charge. I will have samples with me to try.

Check out the web site. It is in Italian, along with some poorly translated English.

If you are interested contact me here or by email at

I am currently doing this as a favor for a friend, though I hope to use this to supplement my income in the future. I am also on tap to fix the English version of the web site, but since I work full time, and go to the tracks on the weekend in Europe, I have not been able to fix it yet. So be kind!

In addition to the website, I attached a file from the test done by our latest convert.

Bob Bybee
Kaiserslautern, Germany

IDM Sidecar #42 Testing.pdf (125 KB)