NEW Mahle Pistons

Here is a set of BRAND NEW NOS pistons and pins for a SBC by PBM, part number PF4040125. This series of piston is made for PBM by Mahle. They are 4.040 bore for a 3.500 stroke with a 6.125 rod. They are flat tops with [2] valve reliefs. The compression height is 1.125 and the dome volume is -5CC. They weigh 409 grams and have a .927 pin. They have a compression ratio of 10.6 with 64CC heads. Also included is a set of rings by Procomp Motorsports. The pistons and pins sell on the PBM website for $577.19. $450.00 Buzzy 407-832-5237 Winter Garden If you’re into Ebay please check out my store at