Trevor Hunt-The Furture of Racing-Where Do They Come From-Vi

Where do the up and coming drivers in the sport of racing come from?

Hopefully after you watch this video and I hope you watch it all the way thru you will have a understanding of where they come from, who they are in this case Trevor Hunt a 13 year old young man with a desire and passion for racing.

The parents, the reasons they do what they do as far as putting their child out on the race track to race with adults, and the risks they are taking with that child driving a race car in a dangerous sport with racing machines at a high rate of speed.

I must say thank you more than I know how too to Carrie and Russel Hunt for allowing the Cheese Works access to your home and personal lives and talking about issues around Trevors career.

This is part I of II which will be coming along soon, I am editing Trevor Hunt Full Access now. The Works spends a racing evening with the Hunts from Drive way thru the evening at L. A. Raceway for a USRA Ironman race.

I hope you enjoy, Trevor Hunt-The Future of Racing-Where Do They Come From.