need a set of SBC heads asap no vortec heads

I need a set of SBC heads ASAP no vortec heads

386-275-3473 call or text I’m in the deltona area

I have bought 3 sets of junk heads off this site I wont mention any names unless they decide not to honor the deal if not then I will let everybody know who u are

With that said I will write u a check and when I bolt the heads on and verify they are GOOD HEADS u can cash the check and get ur money I have lost over a 1000.00 dollars in the last 2 weeks buying what was said to be good heads and they weren’t so I’m not getting screwed again I work to hard for my money!!!

that sucks i hate people that are like that I only have one set of heads for a sbc they 993 with screw in studs and guid plates but idk how much you want to spend. There $500 bolt on ready nice heads and i 100% Guarantee these heads i had them on a dirt street stock motor sold the motor but kept the heads i was going to use them on a motor i was going to build for me asphlat super stock but i dont have the mone to build it right now and probally wont intill business picks up

What size valves and springs stock or ? Do they have rockers ?

And its shitty yes all 3 sets from 3 different people were told I can bolt on and go and all 3 set were cracked and one set had 2 slighty bent valves and 6 bad valve springs

194, 1.50 they dont have no rockers on the but they do come with a set of stud gurdle. They springs are comp cams 550 lift vavle springs so you can go above 550lift or below 480 lift

they did have roller rockers but i sold them to my friend

if you have any after market 5.7 rods or after market 4 vavle reief flat tops or canda 2 barrell intake

Oh ok well let me think about it I just really can’t afford another set of not so perfect heads I’m not saying urs are I just gotta cover my ass u understand I hope

I understand big time i would take the shit heads and go to where you got them from and throw them threw the house window

Still looking would love to race Saturday like I said my only requirement is I will write a check when I see there good heads u can take my check to the bank!!! I also have a couple 4 barrell intakes I will throw in I will never use the one is a weiand and other is a edlebrock both are for a q-jet carb 386-275-3473 call or text thanks

Ill do $475 on my heads if your intrested

Everyone thinks I’m trying to rip someone off because of how I want to pay but I’ve been screwed 3 times I’m covering my ass this time but thanks for your offer

if we write something up and i pay to notary it ill do it and i want to know where you live and ill do it

No need for a notary I don’t think but ur more than welcome to bring them straight to my house I’m only 30 min from u 386-275-3473 feel free to call or text

will do it will be 500 if i have to bring them i need a adress and i could bring them any time after 4 today or anytime before 2 on friday or saturday

386-275-3473 call or text anytime

Still need a set? Have a set from a 76 Corvette
76 CC chambers in good shape. $100

i have a set of 933 with 525 lift springs for 125