PGS is Calling ALL Open Wheel Modifieds! MAY 12th

Who! will Tame “The Toughest Track In The South”

Open Wheel Modifieds will be going at it for 100 laps

May 12th - OWM 100, Dwarf Cars, RW, Pro Trucks, Rookie Trucks, Legends, Bandoleros

and it’s still only $10.00
witness the door to door fast and furious racing action that makes PGS the place to be on Sat nights


This is why i quit racing two tracks trying to out do each other instead of working together. Two OWM races on May 12th. The tracks and promoters is what is killing racing. Punta Gorda you want more cars run the same tire as every other track in the state and you would get the cars. More and more racers are fed up with the tracks and promoters b.s. and favortism and bad attitudes.

Its going to be some great racing! I cant wait!!! I missed PGS this weekend

LOL ! Is that really why you quit racing ? Did you know beer companies also try to “out do” each other. Damn, now you gotta quit drinking beer. Sorry but I found your reason for quitting racing irresistably funny. :ernaehrung004:

Attention all Open Wheel Modified drivers,

There has been a rule change for PGS 100 lap race May 12th

After speaking with several of the modified drivers,
the owner of PGS has listened to the drivers as he always does.

To make it more affordable to the racers,
the rule change will be as follows:

The 4 tires you qualify on, will be marked and the only 4 tires you will be able to run for the entire 100 lap feature, unless you get a flat and have to pit to change that tire.

If you are running Hoosier tires, you must run left side tires on the left side and right side tires on the right side. You will not be able to run all left side Hoosier tires.

Also for the Open Wheel drivers ONLY,
your pit slab will be FREE for this special event race.

You will still need to call for your free slab 941-575-7223

On a side note, when other tracks post their full purse payout, for their extended lap races,

PGS will be more than happy to do the same.

You asked for it and the Speedway owner has listened,

now lets see who is up for the challenge to run 100 laps,
on the track that is to tough to tame.

Also running:

May 12th - OWM 100, Dwarf Cars, RW, Pro Trucks, Rookie Trucks, Legends, Bandoleros

Schedule update:

T.Q. Midgets will be running May 19 th as planned

June 2- Outlaw Modifieds (Double points) Dan Curl Memorial

You asked Linda, so here you go:

Nice bluff call…! Love it.

How about it PGS…!

Racers should KNOW what they are racing for. If they don’t know, they are at the mercy of whatever the track wants to give them. Can’t sue over being cheated if it’s not in print what the payouts are.

“we pay nicely through the field”… which means exactly HOW many dollars?

And another:

And another:

Way to go PGS

Thank you for listening…Thank you for keeping a race track running that we can all race at.

You get the picture by now I guess:

THE FAVORTISM is at a-dale and so is the BS so just close the place