racing parts

72cc 993 sbc heads with screw in studs and guild plates great heads 1.94. 1.50 vavles 3 angle vavle job newer 550 lift vavle springs fom comp cams

set of water temp/ oil presure gauge longance

Stud girdles with poly locks

on board fire system

Chrome 5x5 beadlock rim

Racing vavle cover

16inch ele. fan 2100cfm flow

tons of differnt front spring 9 1/2 750 to 1400

Harden comp cam pushrods

Glenwood timing chain cover

1 center dump

throtle rods

quick connect steering wheel

6 blade steel racing fan

big body upper a arms

high volume fuel pump

stock water pump like new

4412 carb only 10 race sence rebuilt

ask for prices also willing to trade for after market 5.7 rods , 4 vavle relief flat top pistons,canda 2 barrel intake or 4 bolt main block, 28 or 31 inch raditor alum or copper 4 core

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going to NSS this weekend if anyone needs anything

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all still forsale