Tcr Racing Congratdulates

TCR Racing would like to congratdulate wayne THE ROCKET MAN Jefferson on his feature win saturday night at citrus county speedway, Driving a JCR chassis, EAGLE’S nest prepared, KNK RACING powered chevy, Thank’s for the support.

WTG “Rocketman”!!!

Been a long time since I have seen you race. Happy to know you still have it!!! :huepfen024::huepfen024:
:slight_smile: Miss you, Paula & Chase.

Nice one TC. I heard you guys had it going on! I wish I could have seen it, but we had HAZMAT crews working in my pit all night cleaning up oil.

I know you like the Rocket Man to drive your stuff, who wouldn’t? But I think your legions of fans want to see YOU back in the seat too.

oil spill.jpg

YEP a great job Wayne… Tony, you never told me where you are hiding the Nitrous bottle…:sprachlos020:

Hay Jim

You and the teck guy, mr lewis both saw it . It’s the fire bottle converted

a few teams in NASCAR were cought doing that years ago…

Once NASCAR caught on to that, the teams started soaking air filters with Nitrous. They would throw on the filter at the last second (before it evaporated), and go bust a qualifying lap with a boost to it. By the time they rolled back onto pit road, it was undetectable.

Once again NASCAR (I think Gary Nelson) caught on, and started a new rule… the officials will hand you one of THEIR filters just before you go out…!