#51 Strictly Stock at OSW

Noticed (by reading the results on Speednet Direct) that #51 Wes Railing’s Strictly Stock was DQ’d after this weeks race after winning just about all the features so far this year… Just wonder what the car was DQ’d for?
This is NO SLIGHT against Wes or Wes, Jr., just a question… They take pride in their car and the young fellow is a good shoe and should do well as he moves up…

No offense to them, but that car needs to be teched from top to bottom. Then people will know, that they are just fast.

it got dqed for something but it is a great car with a good driver

Many tracks have rules in effect that makes drivers move up a class once they’ve won X amount of races in an entry level class. That might be a good thing to apply here. It would be good to see Wes jump up a level or two, as he seems to have talent. On the same token, you’ll probably get more cars that feel they have a shot to win. When one car dominates, it will kill the chances of everyone else that feels like they are racing for 2nd place.

Before someone else says it, I will… I know that many of these entry level racers are somewhat at their spending limit as it is. Moving up may not really be an option. But on the other hand, having that one dominating car will keep several more at home. Sometimes you gotta lose one to gain four.

This isn’t a slam on the Railings at all. They are probably good enough to compete at a higher level. But any track that just stands by while one car ruins the competiveness of any class, is not doing right by anyone… fans OR competitors.

Announcer Dave - Not sure but it may have been because of the #51’s deliberate drive into the back of the #3. After the two battled for the lead, the #3 took over as it looked like the #51 lost its handling. The #3 was going into turn #3 in the lead,ahead of the #51 on his way to the checkers when the #51 just put the gas to the floor and drove right into the back of the #3 taking both cars out of the race. The #51 damaged his own front end by doing this, It wasn’t just a little tap but a super solid hit into the #3. It was obvious that this was his intention… So would rough riding be a cause for the DQ? I have seen drivers at other tracks suspended for a couple of weeks after a hit like this. No question about it the #51 wanted the #3 out of the race.

I was dq’d for rough driving. Been through tech plenty of times,they even added weight the car . From the time I’ve been racing i really ain’t a rough driver i just don’t like people hitting me every corner and will not go to the outside. I don’t race like that i start in the back every week and pass everyone clean. Im 16 and i made a mistake. Me and share is friends. See yall in a couple weeks. Ready to race.

Rough driving was the call for the ones that are always there the kid always starts In rear and drives to the front without touching anyone this time he was hit 3 or 4 times by the same car so he just repaid the favor but was the wrong move and he regrets do that Wes jr and Shane are friends see everyone in a couple weeks

he has moved up and won races in super stock but it get expense buying a 500 dollar set of tire to run

YEs your right anytime we could buy tires we could compete but can’t afford to fund a race car and a mud truck so we chose strictly stock and mud racing until someone offers him a ride we will keep racing ss