OSW Closed 5/11 and 5/18

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Orlando Speedworld - Oval Track will be closed on Friday May 11, 2012 and Friday May 18, 2012.

The Bright House Challenge Series - Super Late Model race that was originally scheduled for Friday May 18, 2012 has been rescheduled for Saturday July 14, 2012 and has been moved to the New Smyrna Speedway.

Our previously scheduled events will resume on Saturday May 26, 2012.

We apologize for any inconvenience as these conflicts simply will not allow the facility to be opened on those nights.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Sounds like their trying to shut it Down Both tracks have no car counts maybe it is Terry Roberts Tires for a supper stock over $$500 That pays is a $$150 to win Maybe if fuel and Tires came down we would get more cars and pay and a new Tech Inspector at orlando Speedworld all we teck every week is Carburetor RICKEY BROOKS COME FOR 1 NIGHT AND MORE CAR GET DQ IN 1 NIGHT THEN ALL YEAR James

Am I reading that right, does it say Saturday May 26th, is this a typo or an oversight, or are they moving the race night to Saturday?

Patrick Thomas 25

I’m calling BULLSHIT ! I have supported OSW, NSS, and FASCAR for a number of years and even stuck my neck out to defend each of the above from track bashers. Now you come and shit on our parade with this so-called scheduling conflict. WELL TELL US WHAT THE CONFLICT IS ! I think it is an attempt to see if the OSW cars will go to NSS to up their car counts and then close OSW except for the crash em up shows.

OSW racers DO NOT go to NSS while OSW is closed. You will put the nail in the coffin for OSW.

AND WHY MOVE THE BRIGHTHOUSE race if what I am believing is not true.

Give’s me a good reason to keep them parked. I was (with Chad driving) gearing up to run the Brighthouse race there on the 12th. Just saved me $700 plus ! Won’t see my car at NSS anytime soon (super). I guess Herm does really know more than anyone. He’s been saying for a month that they were gonna pull the plug on Orlando. They couldn’t even tell Butch & Barb. They found out from racers calling them. How can it be a scheduling conflict when they are the only track that runs on Friday. You watch. They say 2 weeks, but it will be longer and longer till they say that they are keeping it closed for the rest of the season. 2 weeks will tell. I really hope it’s just 2 weeks!!!

P.S. Butch and Barb did already know. Misinformation from another racer who called me.

I think it is an attempt to see who is really on board for OSW. After a few dark Friday nights, will there be MORE support on the first night open or not? If not, then we may have to get used to having Friday nights free.

My car will be there on re-opening night.

26th is Crash-a-rama isn’t it ?

If I am not mistaken crash-a-rama is the 26th, which is why it says Saturday night. So no racing basically until June 1st maybe ?

yea I will not go to new smyrna. if that is what they are doing. OSW is my home track . I have not had a car out this year do to a arm injury and trying to get my pro latemodel put together . and another thing on marks post about signing up for the e-mail list and texting for rain outs. I am not signing up for that either. I have in the past and it last about 2 weeks and then you get nothing. And now he"s back on here wanting people to sign up again . the problem with the tracks is the cost of tires, fuel, payouts, and No advertiseing . They had there 5.00 fan night who or where did they advertise it at on these websites ? that most of the public will not see . it should have been on the radios stations and on Billboards all over the place. most of the people I run into don"t even know the tracks are here .

Great rumors already out there.

The track was sold
It’s going to dirt
They are repaving before crash-a-Rama ( my favorite )
Major Capitol improvements, doors being installed in bathrooms
County shut them down for repairs
Installing a toll plaza on back stretch and requiring epass on all racecars
Increasing banking degrees
Repairing drainage issues

Why not tell us the truth ? What scheduling conflicts ?

Lake City Speedway(FASCAR) is dark… And probably will be for all this year… or longer.:frowning:

ROFLMAO Then they could use the toll fees to fund the advertising… :aetsch013:

So what is the scheduling conflict ?

crickets chirping.gif

Speedworld is my home track, I live seven miles from Auburndale Speedway. I know as well as anyone that you will never make a cent in racing. But how much can any of us afford to loose. If I pull to Orlando well you all know how much it cost; tolls, fuel in the tow truck, race gas, tires which I have a real big problem with, and it pays 200.00 to win. I just cant do it. I love it as much as any of you, but I guess that why I cant find the drive to get my car ready, it needs about an hour worth of work and its ready. If Speedworld is done it will be sad for me, so many good times and good friends.

It would be nice to see them take the rest of the summer off and race during the fall and winter. Why race at all if there is a 75% chance of a rain out?

Well Ted brings up a good point! The losing money part…how long is Robert supposed to do it? Yeah it is a double edged sword! But how many drivers have stopped because they lose money…

The Hart family has given and given and given and all anyone seems to notice is when they finally take a stand and say we have to look at this! You can hate the Harts…I have…or you can love the Harts…I do… BUT they have kept those tracks running all of these years and put up with all kinds of stuff and really…in the long run , just taken it all in stride!
PLEASE…step up to the plate…I have read how it can be done better…and it can…YOU can make a difference …by the way it takes a HUGE checkbook also!

The problem folks have is not realizing the burden of others… I have a good friend that owns 36 Sonic Drive Ins…you might think that a Piece of cheese is NOTHING…He told me that if each employee takes a pice of cheese a day it costs him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year…seems minor but it like repairs at a track and up keep add up quick…Just my thoughts

Rusty… interesting you should bring up the cheese factor… I remember a former FASCAR employee who got called on the carpet because he had eaten a couple of pieces of cheese to be used in making cheeseburgers… This was when Dolly Hart was in charge of the kitchen at New Smyrna… She would know exactly how many cheeseburgers were sold that night and that was exactly how many pieces of cheese should have been used… True story…
By the way, it wasn’t me… I hate cheese!

It’s about being honest with what is told to your customers. Racers are customers these days. We can handle the truth. I don’t know who fabricated the story about a scheduling conflict but until somebody explains it, I’ll consider it completely dishonest. Respect is hard earned and easily lost.

AHHHH, Cheese!!! YUM…


[QUOTE=Rusty the 50/50 Guy;104202]

The Hart family has given and given and given and all anyone seems to notice is when they finally take a stand and say we have to look at this!

Really ! That’s not what was written. They said they closed due to scheduling conflicts. Do you know something we don’t or are you guessing like the rest of us ?

A fictional letter written by me regarding another way to handle this.
"An open letter to all FASCAR drivers, car owners and race fans.

Its no secret that business at Orlando Speedworld has been suffering for the past several years. The car count has dropped slowly but steadily, and the fan count is has nearly bottomed out. Of course this is a vicious cycle that drives the over-all speedway business into a downward spiral.

I hope it is clear to all that the track owners have been extremely generous, out of their love for our sport, by supporting this money losing business for the past several years. Although the well may be deep, it does have a bottom.

At this point, speedway ownership is at last forced to evaluate the future of business at Speedworld. Is there enough participation from the local racing community to keep the track afloat? Is there a chance at winning back enough loyal fans to keep the money flowing in? We have always assumed the answer to these questions was “yes”, but now we have to ask the question again, ‘does anyone care enough to keep the track open?’

To find the answer, FASCAR is going to hit the “reset” button on the 2012 season. We will take a break from the weekly racing schedule until our grand re-opening on (fill in a date). During the time off, we at FASCAR pledge to re-organize our team where necessary, set goals for short-term performance, and put in motion several new and aggressive projects to promote the track to everyone in central Florida. In addition, we will mount an unprecidented effort to contact, persuade and win over racers to get off the sidelines and get their equipment into the line-up at Orlando Speedworld.

Meanwhile, interested race team owners, drivers and mechanics must take the initiative to support the re-building process. Since the turn-out of cars in the first few weeks will determine in part the future direction of the track, now is the time to leave past conflicts in the dust. We can argue about tires, payouts and rules when the business is healthy again. There has to be a show to sell to our customers. If not, then everyone including car owners and drivers, will lose.

This situation CAN be fixed! Orlando Speedworld has the best racing surface in Florida, and we are surrounded by millions of potential new fans. There is every reason to believe that we can rebuild this into a successful business, but of course there is no guarantee. All of us at FASCAR are dedicated to fixing it. We love racing, and just like any good racer or business person, we can’t tolerate the idea of losing.

So now we extend our hand to our members, former members and all participants past and present, and ask for your support and participation. If you are unable to assist us in the re-building effort, and insist on continuing discord, then we wish you well and ask that you please step aside so we can try to build a future at Orlando Speedworld."