FL Promoters Series @ Desoto 5/5

The FUP Series made their fourth stop of the year @ Desoto on Sat. night with 19 Super Late Models in the pits. This by far was the largest car count for the year. We want to thank all of the competitors that raced with us, all of the fans that attended.
With the support of John and his whole crew @ Desoto it was a step in the right direction to improve the car counts. We rasied the purse to $400.00 to start and still only had 19 cars but, we know it will take a few more races to get 25-30 cars in the pits for a FUPS Event. We also know that the tracks working together will help with car counts as well.
We will continue to work hard to make the FUP Series a highly respected traveling series here in FL. We can not do this alone it will take the racers, the fans, & the tracks for this to succeed. Once again thank you to all that have attended a FUPS Race this season and please make plans now for our next event @ Citrus Co. on June 2nd., you can also follow us @ www.floridaunitedpromoterslatemodelseries.com

See You @ The Races,
Rick Williams
FUP Series Director

Rick you people made it easy to race with no tire impound or car impound you did not have to run back and forth to the tires and tech shed.I could not find any thing to gripe about, unheard of since I got old and cranky.Thanks Tom.

Now this is a good post. A Series that appreciates the support they’ve gotten, yet not satisfied until it gets better. Not too often that a car owner comes to a message board to say how “easy” you made it for the teams.

I’m pretty sure Tommy, who has been around a LONG time, has been pretty fed up with the way things have gone the last few years. Making guys like him happy should be the backbone of the series… not the rich guys, the multi-tire buying guys, not the private track rent guys… you need guys that just want to bring a car, and RACE. Too many series have nickel and dimed the old school racers right out of the class.

I think Tommy was on the edge… you might have just reeled him back in.