Trash In Turn 4

It was good put a face to the name. You guy’s are cool took my mind off my car being tore up on the first lap at brp. THANKS!!! :ernaehrung004:

Some scary looking face, isn’t it? LOL Looks who’s talking. I have to agree with you, they are one great bunch and Trash is awesome.

Thanks Gene, it was a pleasure meeting you also. You are right, it is nice when you get to meet people from the Forum in person, i know i feel a special bond because of it. Sorry about your bad luck so early in the race, look forward to seeing you again soon. :ernaehrung004:

Winger, you are the man…i think i’m going to cry. :slight_smile:

I meant it Doug. What everyone did for the young boy with Luekemia was awesome and I suspect your crew and you had more to do with it than anyone knows. It must have been a pretty awesome day and night for him. I know Buzzie was pretty instrumental in it and what the Hammonds did with their winnings and trophy was pretty neat. That’s the type of story I’d like to see discussed on this board. Seeing the smile on this kid in victory lane nearly brought tears to my eyes.
BTW I thought you was cool before that. :slight_smile:

Always good to put the face with the name. Trash was cool enough to take extra time and a detour to attend my Reunion, and search me out to introduce himself. Thanks again Doug for the efforts, and damn fine to meet you.

Justin had the best time, you are right, just seeing the smile on his face was awesome. What really impressed me was when Wayne Hammond got out of his car in Victory Lane, his first words were “where is Justin”. Plus, considering Kyle Bronson blew what i’m sure was a very expensive motor in his other car, he still donated his, and his wife Shirlene’s winning purse’s to Justin along with the Modified Feature trophy…What a class act.

The feeling is mutual Jerry !!!

Hi there Doug. I would love to meet you sometime when we are both at the same track.

I help out on Bryan Bernhardt’s late model. I have stopped by Buzzie’s shop a couple of times to meet him and chat with him. I could sit there and listen to his stories all day long!


I would like that Steve. It looks like we will both be running at BRP on June
2nd, i’ll look you up.