owm for sale or trade

4 bar race ready or trade for mine sprint

The motor is a 434 brand new 850 hp! Will like to sell motor for 8,000 thank you

send pics charliechrissy021086@yahoo.com or 3523180857

price for roller


boddy looks nice


Thank you…

how much is it minus motor

No roller sorry


interested in trade for nice street stock call ed 813-838-1755

What u want roller for roller or race ready for race ready


call me 813-838-1755 top of the line ss/hobby

i will trade my street stock roller for roller rebuilt rearend nice gauges tach extra parts

If anyone would like to trade race ready I would like a race ready sportman car thank you if u would call me at 352-789-5865

Car ever been bent or clipped? What kind of trans?

Been trying to call you guess u sold car. What wheel base and over rail or under rail chassis.


hey james call me 850-209-2184 BO till11:00 your time
lets make a deal.

Car is trade thanks realracin

Thanks realracin