Posted payouts for Bronson Speedway

Bronson Speedway has posted the following payouts on their Face Book page:

Sportsman (at least 5 cars present)

  1. $400
  2. $275
  3. $150
  4. $125
  5. $100
  6. $ 75
  7. $ 70
  8. $ 60
  9. $ 50
    10.$ 50

Pure Stock (at least 5 cars present)

  1. $275
  2. $150
  3. $100
  4. $ 75
  5. $ 70
  6. $ 65
  7. $ 50
  8. $ 45
  9. $ 30
  10. $ 25

There is a revolution going here. The close kept secrets of track payouts are coming out in the open.

It’s about time, and it’s the right thing to do. Racers have a right to know what they are racing for, whether the purse is great or if it sucks, at least you got what what was promised. Tracks that cut the purse at the pay window are not just cutting, but slashing their own throats.

At the pay window, they don’t want to hear “we had a lousy night, and this is all we can do… take it or leave it”.

Racers tend to do both… TAKE 1/2 of what they were promised, and then LEAVE their cars home. Putting the purse out in the open, AND paying what was promised… nobody can bitch if the knew the deal, and participated.

I’d rather get a straight up $20, then to be promised a $50, but handed a $30.


As you see, we are slowly getting the word out as to what is taking place at Bronson. Hopefully it will help improve some of the wrongs that have taken place. As soon as I can find out what the payout for the OW Modifieds and Street Stocks are with at least 5 cars, I will get that posted. I have not idea how these payouts compare to other tracks on a normal night of racing, but at least drivers now know ahead of time what to expect. I believe this past week, all divisions that raced received the full payout. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events at Bronson. I will be posting fliers for the next couple of weeks.