Rubbings Racing!

Even fer little guys!

Bob…you have GOT to get up to Kissimmee in January for the Snowbird Nationals one of these years :slight_smile: It’s at the Radisson just west of the main Walt Disney World entrance off of US 192.

400+ drivers, over 600+ total entries, six straight days of non-stop on-road and oval racing, from 5am in the morning til whenever they get done. The Saturday night show is the best, with the B-Main “Bump 'n Runs” and the “Saturday Night Special” events (the last two years, they’ve run a “Lights Out” race and two classes of Figure-8 cars using “street stock” type bodies).

Touring-Car Figure 8:

Pan-car Figure 8:

Here’s a video I shot from the 2009 Snowbirds: